Wait, are Katie Forsythe and word strings the same author?

They are indeed! I kind of flipped out when I found out, since I loved them both independently, and had raved to a friend about how “Katie Forsythe is like the wordstrings of canon!fic.” 

Anonymous said: Is Wordstring ever going to write on Sherlock S2 ? His/Her writing has totally spoiled me for any other FanFic. Wordstring is an artist & a worth smith. I love WS's unstable/brilliant/vulnerable Sherlock and the empathetic/obsessed Watson. I miss them !

I have no idea, to be honest! I think it would be lovely if she did, but I believe she’s still on a fic-writing hiatus. If you have any interest in canon!fic (and even if you don’t!) I’d recommend her canon stuff in a heartbeat, it’s absolutely incredible. The whole list is here, and I can’t recommend the Love series hard enough.

Anonymous said: Where would you say the best place to post fanfiction is? I'm pretty new at this. Thanks!

The best and simplest way to do it is, in my opinion, on Archive of our Own. It’s well-organised and fairly straightforward to use. You need an invite to join, although it’s not too hard to get one, the waiting period isn’t very long. If you’d rather not wait for one, you can message me unanon and I’ll send you a code, I have a few spare ones :)

Anonymous said: What's with all the bee references? I've seen every episode of Sherlock and I can't remember him ever mentioning it. Not that I don't love it. I'm a beekeeper myself and am enchanted that Sherlock would be interested in it. Not boring at all.

It’s actually a reference to the original canon. In His Last Bow, we learn that Holmes retired to the Sussex Downs, and took up beekeeping :) He even produced a book, “Practical Handbook of Bee Culture, with some Observations upon the Segregation of the Queen.”

halfsickofshadovvs said: I might have just sent you that anonymously but I'm the one who asked for your personal blog in a creepy stalkerish way!

Hi! My personal blog is here :) By the way, if people have really general questions, particularly about how the various bits of the kink meme work, feel free to ask over there, since I don’t check this blog anymore. 

How to find a fic (part two)

Part two: the kink meme

I know the kink meme can be completely overwhelming and confusing, but this bit really isn’t!

There’s a magnificent thing known as the Searching Post.

You can ask for anything from general recs (John/Lestrade h/c please!) to more specific requests. If there’s a fic that all you can remember is the title, or the general premise, or even one line or two, leave a comment with all the details you can remember. The chances are, someone will know what you’re talking about and get you a link.

Like everywhere on the meme, you can comment anonymously so you don’t need a livejournal account to do this. (You can also ask for specific fics at the sherlockbbc comm, but you need to have an LJ account and be a member of the community.)

If you can’t track the comment thread because you don’t have an account, I’d suggest just bookmarking the comment that you leave and checking back. This is honestly how I would find about half the fics people here requested.

This might be a little vague, so again, feel free to ask if you have any questions.

How to find a fic (part one)

I promised a post on how to find specific and more general fics, since I’ll no longer be running this blog.

Part One: Archive of Our Own

This is the best place for a general fic search. It’s all very organised and straightforward. 

Start from the Sherlock tag.

The options you see on your right, these are you friends.

If you’re looking for, say, Molly/Lestrade fic, simply click on the ‘Relationships’ tab and select the option from the drop-down list:

If you want a crossover, click open the ‘Fandom’ tab, hit control+f and search for the fandom you’re looking for a crossover with:

Make sure the Filter by option is set to “and” when you do this one:

The ‘Additional Tags’ tab is particularly helpful. If you’re looking for fluff, or BDSM, or high school AUs, or basically anything, try and find it there.

Once you’ve selected your options, just hit Filter Works, and it will give you all the results that correspond to your request.

Note that you can select more than one option. So if you want Sherlock/Lestrade fics that involved handcuffs, you can select “Sherlock Holmes/Lestrade (Inspector)” in the Relationships tab AND “handcuffs” under Additional Tags and it will return all the results that have both those tags.

Any questions?

baaatgurl said: hey there, if you're thinking that you won't be able to update for a long time, why don't you give the blog over to someone who'd be able to look after it until you're able? I'd gladly do so, but only if you want!


I have thought about this, and made a post about it on my personal blog and talked to a few people about doing it. 

The thing is (and I really, really hope I don’t sound like a dick or anything) I’ve worked really hard on this blog and keeping it at a certain quality, and it feels kind of personal. I’m not sure I want to hand it over to someone else. (I’m not saying my taste in fanfiction is the be-all and end-all of tastes, or that this blog is the last word in quality fics! Just that I’ve tried really hard to make sure it’s as quality as I can make it.)

That said, this may change. And if I start up again (and I intend to at some point), I’ll probably get a couple of people to help run it. But for now, I think I’m just going to let it sit.

Thanks for offering though :) 


Hi everyone, sorry for the total inactivity of the past few weeks. I’m afraid I’m only posting to say that I really don’t have time to run this blog any more.

I won’t be deleting it, it’ll be here as a fic archive, but it won’t be updating any more. At some point in the future, I may start posting again, but it won’t be in the foreseeable future. I’m planning to update the tags page and reorganize some things to make stuff easier to find. 

I’ll make a post in a couple of days about places you can go to find a specific (or even more general) fic. 

Thanks for everything!

Anonymous said: I'm looking for a fic, it's called 'Silver Spoon' something or other, and Sherlock convinces John to get married for a case and then they fall in love? There's also one that I tried to find that was about John and Sherlock trying to work out a name for their relationship and Sherlock kept coming up with weird names like 'heartgurgle' or something. Thanks!

The first one is A Silver Sixpence, and I’m not sure about the second one. I know I’ve read it, but can’t find it at the moment, will keep an eye out.

baaatgurl said: heya, do you so happen to have the link to that story where John has been in a relationship and his boyfriend was really abusive, and that's pretty much scarred him for life and Sherlock doesn't know how to deal because of it and he has to teach John how to be 'intimate'? I have absolutely no idea what the name to it is :c

I think that’s A Life Well-Lived by kate_lear.

Folding, Unfolding, Refolding

Molly feels different, afterwards. She feels like she’s lost something, some part of herself that was capable of having a crush on Sherlock that, though pathetic, was at least honest and simple.

Molly, Sherlock/John


Minds Like Ours Dream Up

John can’t write up the case until he finds out why. He needs to write their story true.



After the Storm

Things are quiet, after the Fall.



My Heart Was Very Still

Tonight is different, that much John knows.




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